Monday, March 15, 2010

Wei Liam 21 years old birthday

Just back to Kampar from KL... haiz~~~ a bored life begin~~ =.="
No matter how.. i keep hypnotising myself that Kampar is the best place ever, i will very very very enjoy in my 3 years life overhere...

Well.. do not think too much about it.. i think i can adapt the "bored" condition soon~~
let's me show you guys the main character of this post la..~~ Wei Liam~~

Saturday was his 21 years old birthday party... that is the reason why i came back KL lo... haha~~ since 21 years old should be very very important to a person right?? haha~~ i think so..

Tell you guys la... my 21years old birthday will be on exam period... that is the most i hate much~~ =.=" haiz~~~ damn moody ~~

On that day, i really met a lot of old friends from secondary school leh... those long long long long time no see since we were graduated.. haha~~ miss them a lot but do not know why, looks like not much topic we can chat to each other ... haha~~

Unfortunately, Ah Meng becuase of her BF problem so she have to leave early... as well as Ah Xiong , Deanz and Wai Hoong .... haiz~~
the environment looks weird without their existance... haha those talkative person gone~~ haha
Besides that, we also got gambing in his house o.... since i play only Rm 1 ... but also win a lot from SKY (banker) o .... haha~~ some of them play Rm 10 per round... =.=" well... just pity to SKY... haha~~
Around 12am... we all balik lo.... hahaha~~
To Wei Liam : Wei Liam~~ since you alrdy Big son jor can "do" whatever you want start from now... haha~~~ joking la~~~ by the way... wish you happy birthday la.. haha

Friday, February 26, 2010

My Movie Day

Yesterday, i did a very exaggeration things in my life... My friends and i 9 of us went to Ipoh jusco watching movies. I cant believe myself that, able to watch 4 movies in one whole day... haha~~~

RM 40 for 4 movies... ok la.... haha~~~ just feel very tired by sitting and watching the screen for so long period...
Can you guys imagined that how long and thick it could be actually?? haha~~
let's check it out

this time, i did a smart things.... haha... i brings a long with the Mcd bottle and go into the cinema.. haha~~ i can refill how many times i want...

Dun know why, i feel very busy in cinema.... rushing for next coming movie..=.=" haha~~~ well... just enjoy the moment la...~~ sometimes i had been watched the same trailer in different cinema room @.@"

I personally not that like this movie... very bored in story... haha~~
about falling in love in different characters and different situation..

I like it very much... periously, i had been cheated by its movie name... i thought is about love story or about realationship movie...=.=" haha~~

recommand you guys to watch.. ^^

I love it very much too... haha~~ got Medusa and Zues... those characters appeal in Dota haha~~
the graphic also nice la...
recommand you guys ^^

I dun like its story.. bored=.=" about the holy book of the Christian.... some bad guys kill a lot of ppl becuase of this book... and good guy wanna save this book and sent it to another place..
like Western version 西游记 ... 哈哈

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bye Bye to my CNY holidays..=.="

Finally, CNY was end .. It's time to recover back my study mood right now...start this week and next week onward.. i gonna to die 99... because my lab test coming soon..=.=" and my assignmeny too... ar..... super busy =.=".... That is the reason why i blogging lately..@.@"...

well.. i really miss CNY period this in this year lo... haha... not only just meet my "gang" friends, My foundation friends as well... and very went to my taekwondo sir's house for praying with my taekwondo friends~~ haha.. really appreciated much ^^
Still the same lo... we went to friends' house visited them house by house... haha~~ of course, Ang Bao quite a lot from thier parents lo.. hahaha.. but this year quite a lot of friends cant able to attend our gathering day~~ so bad~~~ some of them were busy and some of then still haven back to KL... sobz~~ really miss them well =.="

We play gambling at Wei Liam's house... and i am be the banker for 21 points game..=.=" ...
I won a lot from them de lo at the beginning... onces Wei Liam's father jointed us... my luck alrdy been stolen by uncle =.=" .... At the end, i lost Rm 30++ for it =.=" pain~~~ pain ~~~
by the way~~ nervermind la... one year onces... it's ok la... haha~~~

My house

Besides that, We also 捞生 with Jun Xiong's parents at his house... wuhoo~~ that is my first experience in my life 捞生 with friend's family... haha~~

One things very"Pai Sei" that, his parents were waiting us so long for 捞生.. really very sorry leh... becuase of Deanz lo... he is the last person to come Jun Xiong's house becuase of "重色轻友"... just blame him enough la... haha~~

Jun Xiong's is so nice to us.. offer White Wine!! to us... haha

but i am not that like the taste of it...

Jun Xiong's house

We also went to Mei Yee's house... She celabrated her birthday just visited us to her house at the same time lo... haha~~ just have a dinner at her house...

One things really get shocked and out of our expectation... Now i realized that, all her relatives stay at the same row of her house.... likes the whole row of house, alrdy conquer the whole row of house... her neighbour = her relatives ??? haha~~ unfortunately, i did not take a photo of it ... really exaggerate... O.O Well~~~ happy birthday to you la... Mei Yee ~~ ^^"

Mei Yee's house

Becuase of Jun Xiong wanna back early for next round with his friends.. so... Deanz, Lao Fat , Meng and i also follow him go back early lo.... Since still early, so we decided to visit Deanz's house... haha~~ before that, he keeps on rejecting ... but at the end.. ~~ haha~~ becuase he keeps complainting his house very small... not enough for us to stay... =.=" haiz~~ really speechless on him =.="

After Deanz's house, we still went to Yam Cha =.=" at Bandar Tun Hussin Onn area... haha~~ until 3-4 am only we went back home...Z.zzz

Really a tired day.... haha but really enjoy with my friends ^^


Haha ~~ now is my foundation friend's turn...

Onces again having gathering with them at Midvalley....

Mei Qi and Tzia were wearing high heels =.=". For Mei Qi i think is almost 4-5 cm high and Tzia i think almost 8-9 cm high @.@"..... for those vertically challenge person... walk far away form them for sure...@.@" sobz~~

their suggested went to DOME for lunch....
tell you guys... if you are not a rich person... please do not come DOME... becuase it is damn exp!!! =.=" 1 Nasi lemak Rm 19.20 =.=", coffee blended Rm 15++, chops Rm 20++ =.="

My chicken chop RM 25++ =.=" pain pain ~~ sobzz

My lovely coffee Blended spilled alrdy .....@.@" It's cost RM17++ de leh... pain pain again =.=" sobz ... inside the blended got a very cute chocolate frog... at the end~~~~ =.=" sobz~~ i think atleast Rm 10 of a portion alrdy spilled out =.=" sobz.../.\"


but the waiter so nice, she helped me refill again the coffee

for free.. luckly ~~ haha

otherwise my RM17++ fly away without my consent =.="

seriously, i did not even spent more than Rm 50 for my 1 lunch before in my life...=.=" it is te first time for me... .. do not know why... my hearth pain again ... sobz~~ by the way.. i keeps thinking "久久一次 ok la" in my mind~~ feel better right now~~~ haha
After my expensive lunch, we just walked around Midvalley and accompany Mei Qi buy present to his "son" Fanz....

haha... that it is.... izit the doll look similiar with Fan himself??? haha

Hope Mei Qi will see this photo .... that is your son ar... Mum ~~~ haha~~


It is my Taekwondo club's turn ^^" That was a very rush day... becuase once Ian and I were reached Kampar not long ago, Sir alrdy reached my house and fetch us go his house for praying 拜天公.. with my Taekwondo friends... haha ^^

around 6 somethings, we alrdy reached sir's house at Ipoh... since we were nothings to do in his house, so sir just brought us to Tesco and Mcd at Ipoh.... haha~~ We just chatting at McD til 8pm .... now i realized sir actually very talkative person.. haha...

At sir's house, we also visited his room, becuase got a very nice sound system in his room... haha~~ so, we just watch 大日子 in his room lo...

haha~~ our Gamer Ian found out a PSP from sir' room...he can hold the PSP and

walk around in house... haha..

Before 12am, we just chatting with other and taking photo lo... haha ~~ also not much things we can do.. just wait Makan after 12am... wahahahha

yeah~~ after 12AM lo... Makan Makan~~~ after that, we just sitting together and chatting with sir lo....

I realized that, he is a person who very experience in 感情事故..No matter what we were talking about relationship ar, friendship ar... he also able to explain to us... haha~~

Around 4-5 am... we only went back Kampar... really super tired .... haha but very enjoy leh... first time praying with friends... haha~~

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

CNY reunion dinner with my lovely classmates ^^"

So happy... had a great dinner with my classmates at Dong Hoi restaurant, Kampar... It was so bad, i had been cheated by Jolin lo... He said have to wear dinner form for the reunion dinner. On that day, only myself wear semi formal the rest were dressed casually...=.=" Well... nervermind la... as long as i feel ok for it then ok lo... haha~~~

This times dinner, two tables order the same food just cost Rm 4XX .... consider ok la~~ haha divided by 19 people just paid Rm 30 for it... haha~~

2 vegetables, 1 fish, 2 meat, 1 toufu consider expensive??? i really do not know wor... haha..

Besides that, of course we can not lack of 捞生 this tradition in CNY de lo... haha~~ 发啊~~~

After finished our dinner, we just took photo with friends lo... haha~~ some of my photo are funny~~ ^^ let's check it out~~ haha~

er~~ this want only for above 18 ... small kid never try this o... haha~~

Hm.... this guy 200cm height..., i really looks like a small kid when beside him...
seriously..=.=" sad~~ ~.~

Haha ... this photo, i like the most~~ am i looks like a big rich boss??? haha~~~
超幸福~~ haha

Xiao Jie thought that, his breast and stomach bery nice to look... therefore, we just took this photo to show his body looks nice... wahahaha

Well.... before end the renunion dinner... we all pick up our glass to Yam ar~~~~~~
so nice the situation... love it so much~~~ haha~~

Well.... really very nice and enjoy the moment well.... i hope next year CNY will be organise onces again la.... haha ^^"

Sunday, February 7, 2010

KL trip~~

This time going back hometown with all my classmates~~ wuhoo~~~ it is becuase our Miss Liong, Conceptual Design lecturer organized a KL trip... the purpose is to let us see those famous artwork at National Art Gellery at KL.... but some of us take it as shopping trip at KL ^^ haha~~
Arround 8am.. we all meet at Block A UTAR campus... around 830am.. start our journey from Kampar to KL lo.... wuhoo~~~ ^^

Happy journey everyone lo ^^"

Around 11am somethings, we were reached National Art Gallery Malaysia finally~~ Unfortunately, the management not allow us to take photo inside the art gallery, so.. cant able to share to you guys lo...

By the way, tell you guys the true... sometimes i feel like i do not have the talent in Art.. seriously.... becuase i totally do not know what the artist was drawing about in their artwork... i feel like.."like this kind of this also can published out, i think i also able to do that too" ... haha~~ well... maybe it really call as "Art" lo... haha~~ But one of the artwork i saw.. really very interesting... just a very simple layout...

let's imagined a black colour background, in the center of it.. draw a white colour object looks like a star... Do not know why, onces i saw the star object.. it looks like will blink by itself when i open and close my eyes and it looks like very 3D form eventhout it just a flat artwork. I really admire the artist very much~~~ haha~~

Becuase cant able to take photo inside the gallery,
so just take outside of it lo... haha~~
T3~~ yeah~~~

Well.... the second station will be the KLCC la...~~ haha~~ Do not know why, i feel like very geniality when i saw the KLCC tower. Always think that, i am back home ~~~ ^^ miss my family suddently... sobz... ~.~

In KLCC, we were going to visit the Gallery Petronas... Sony World Photography Award ... haha~~
Same as at National Art Gallery... i also do not know how great the photo caption is... simply take a photo consider a nice photo?? haha ... well... just have a look lo...
We also cant able to take photo inside the gallery..haiz~~~

Well.. before leave the gallery, must take a photo as a commemorate...haha~~

After visited the gellary, is time to free activity lo until 430pm... wahahaha~~ first things in my mind will be the lunch~~~ where to eat leh?? Mcd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wahahaha~~~~ i am trying to looking for it whole KLCC... At the end, i asked information counter only know the location of Mcd..

I really get shocked,onces i knew it where located at food courts and share with other food stalls.... OMG!!! why KFC have their own location with very very very large area... why Mcd does not have leh??? =.="

After having my sad lunch ~.~... went to meet Ah Huey at Burger King lo... really get shocked again... beside Ah Huey is a person who very rich in Facebook friends for sale and my pervious owner Jacho Tan.... haha~~~ able to meet new friend at the same time... my mind really get blank... haha..

We just chatting and walk around at KLCC until 430pm lo... I cant able to buy my new shirt inside KLCC... becuase all is very expensive.. sakit hati la.. haha~~

The last station of KL trip will be at Pasar Seni. Just wondering, why Miss Liong will perfer come to Pasar Seni... since i came to Pasar Seni once, i realized that quite a lot of art selling at Pasar Seni .. that is why this place call as "Pasar Seni"... =.="

Outside the market center, got a lot of art stalls, you guys able to buy of some their artwork... quite nice actually.... haha...

Well... onces we went into center market, totally different from outside center market.. inside of it, got various of stalls which are selling those souvenirs, tradition clothes and etc.... rather than art works..

i feel bored inside the center market because nothings to buy and see... sianz~~ just walk around til 630pm and waiting our bus come...

Around 9pm.. we were bk Kampar finally... all of us very tired and sleepy in the whole journey to kampar...@.@" almost fall a sleep all of us.

By the way, it really a nice trip la... happy ~~~ haha