Monday, March 15, 2010

Wei Liam 21 years old birthday

Just back to Kampar from KL... haiz~~~ a bored life begin~~ =.="
No matter how.. i keep hypnotising myself that Kampar is the best place ever, i will very very very enjoy in my 3 years life overhere...

Well.. do not think too much about it.. i think i can adapt the "bored" condition soon~~
let's me show you guys the main character of this post la..~~ Wei Liam~~

Saturday was his 21 years old birthday party... that is the reason why i came back KL lo... haha~~ since 21 years old should be very very important to a person right?? haha~~ i think so..

Tell you guys la... my 21years old birthday will be on exam period... that is the most i hate much~~ =.=" haiz~~~ damn moody ~~

On that day, i really met a lot of old friends from secondary school leh... those long long long long time no see since we were graduated.. haha~~ miss them a lot but do not know why, looks like not much topic we can chat to each other ... haha~~

Unfortunately, Ah Meng becuase of her BF problem so she have to leave early... as well as Ah Xiong , Deanz and Wai Hoong .... haiz~~
the environment looks weird without their existance... haha those talkative person gone~~ haha
Besides that, we also got gambing in his house o.... since i play only Rm 1 ... but also win a lot from SKY (banker) o .... haha~~ some of them play Rm 10 per round... =.=" well... just pity to SKY... haha~~
Around 12am... we all balik lo.... hahaha~~
To Wei Liam : Wei Liam~~ since you alrdy Big son jor can "do" whatever you want start from now... haha~~~ joking la~~~ by the way... wish you happy birthday la.. haha

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